We offer the best medical equipment:


With our 10 years of experience, we offer you Apron, Mask and Disinfectant products that you may need during the Covid-19 pandemic process with fast production and shipment.


# Medical products customized for the Covid19 process




You can obtain the Hygienic mask, apron and disinfectant product groups you will need during the Covid-19 pandemic process with quality production and fast delivery.


Sterile Products


Disinfectant treatment is carried out after production and before packaging for the products you order or will order.




You can request customization for all products you order or will order. You can customize products as you want, such as size, color, weight and label.


Certified Products


Our products comply with both European and American standards. All our products have CE, ISO and FDA Certificates.


Production On Time


Due to our high production capacity depending on your order, we make production and delivery on time.


The Ispectio


We provide quality control report before loading. You can also send your own quality control staff to our factory.




We deliver fast and on time all over the world.





High volume production, trust of many customers.

We are happy to serve you. You can get your special offer by contacting our sales representative.




We are happy to help you.


96 Customers


We met the needs of 96 different customers in America and Europe


500,000 Capacity


We have a minimum production capacity of 500,000 apron, 2 million masks and 100,000 disinfectants per week.


Our Mission


Hygiene for all, hygiene everywhere.

To ensure the production and delivery of the most accurate products to everyone at the most affordable price during the Covid19 period, as before the Covid-19 pandemic process.


– Reasonable price

– High production capacity

– Fast delivery


The biggest problem in the Covid-19 pandemic process is that the required medical supplies are not delivered in time and as promised. As the AGT family, we push the limits of our production capacity to deliver the most accurate product to our customers without sacrificing quality.


You can get a special offer by contacting our sales consultants.


We wish you healthy days.